Cheeseball Recipes



Our cheeseball recipes are as simple as can be, and so delicious. Just add 16 ounces of cream cheese to any of our dip mix flavors and blend on high speed until smooth. Add salt if needed to suit your taste. Spoon all contents onto Saran Wrap or a similar wrap. Pull up all four corners and shape cheeseball mixture into a ball shape. Tie or tape the top shut so it retains its ball shape. Put in the refrigerator for four hours or more.

Remove from refrigerator when close to serving time. Spray your hands with cooking spray and shape mixture into a perfect ball shape if needed. Roll the ball in any of several ingredients that lend themselves to the flavor. Place back into the refrigerator until ready to serve.

Slice with a knife and serve on snack crackers, Triscuit, pork rinds, ripple potato chips, celery, carrots, cucumbers slices, thick pepperoni slices, crusty bread, English muffins, and bagels.

SLICED MEAT ROLL-UPS  -  Any of our flavors of cheeseballs can be spread onto slices of ham or salami and rolled up. Stick a toothpick through an olive and through the rolled up meat. You could also add pimento to your mix when doing this.






Here are some cheeseball ideas:


Roasted Bell Pepper  -  Dice real, fresh bell peppers and mix with the cream cheese and dip mix. Roll in crushed nuts, bacon bits, sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds.

Crazy Cucumber  -  Dice real cucumber and mix with cream cheese and dip mix. Cut out the seeds and only keep the solid cucumber when doing this, otherwise the cheeseball will be too wet and won't hold together as well. Roll ball in sunflower seeds.

Chili Con Queso  -  You have all kinds of options here with this cheeseball recipe. If you want it hotter, add cyanne pepper or jalapeno peppers or habanero peppers (whew!). You could add small diced pieces of hot cheese into the blended mixture. Do this by hand after you have blended the cream cheese and dip mix. That way the small pieces of hot cheese will retain their shape and provide a distinct "bite" when eaten. Hot sauce could be added, but don't add a lot or the mixture won't hold together well. Dried pepper flakes would also be a good choice to add. You could also roll the cheeseball in the dried pepper flakes.

Mesquite  -  A Mesquite cheeseball is a very unusual flavor, but a delicious one. Mix small diced pieces of beef jerky or dried beef into your mixture. You could also roll it in bacon bits.

 TIP:  Pimento is a nice addition to many of these cheeseball recipes.