Wholesale Program

Wholesale  Program





We have two different kinds of programs for our wholesale dip mixes.


1.   We have what we call mobile dealers. These are dealers who sell our dip mixes and dessert mixes at special events such as farmer's markets, flea markets, craft shows, festivals, county fairs, and more. 

We have 2 dealer's startup packages that includes a starting inventory of our best sellers. The package also includes ongoing consultation and mentoring by yours truly, John Arnold. I am the owner of Cherry Orchard Foods. OR: you can order smaller quantities as long as you order the minimum of 60 packages.

I have been in this business for several years and fully understand that my primary job is to make my dealers happy. That means doing everything I can to make my dealers as successful as possible, as quickly as possible.

The biggest blunder you can make in starting any new business is to just start it and hope for the best. You need to research, ask questions and know what you are doing. I am available by email and cell phone to help mentor and coach you to be successful. When you are successful, we both WIN!

One way that I help you become successful is to provide my dealers with a book that a good friend of mine (Jim Miller) has written about this business.  It's called, "Start Your Own Dip Mix Business".  It's a book of over 100 pages that tells you everything he has learned about this business since he started. It is available to my dealers through this website for $34.95. There is no where else you can gain this information on the dip mix business. And it's all specific to this business, no boilerplate info about how to start any kind of business. This book is only for people who want to be a professional in this business and start making money immediately. You will not find this degree of professionalism, or dedication to your success with any other company out there.


"Jim - the book has been priceless. I have my first County Fair right here in my city and hoping to sell out of lots of my first order. I will keep you posted and the book is the only way I could have done it. You did a great job with the book."    BOBBIE

The cost of the Mobile Dealership Startup Packages is $399.95 & $499.95 and that includes enough inventory to equal over $1,170.00 in retail sales. That means when you have sold all of your startup inventory, you will have at least doubled your investment.

This opportunity teaches you the dip mix business and provides ongoing consulting from me via phone and email.  We don't just sell you the wholesale dip mixes and then say, "Good luck, you're on your own". I want you to succeed, because when you succeed, I succeed. This inexpensive, fun business opportunity also enables you to buy our wholesale dip mixes at low prices.  CLICK HERE  for more information on this program.

2.Our second type of dealer is a wholesale customer. This is someone who wants to buy our wholesale dip mixes and sell them at a store or market, or an online store.

In this case, our minimum order is only 60 packages of dip and/or dessert mixes. Any combination of dip mixes and dessert mixes, and any combination of flavors may be included in your 60 piece minimum order. Each order after that is also a minimum order of 60 mixes.

For more information about ordering our wholesale dip mixes, contact me at: jarnold@ltdkate.com

Thank You!

John Arnold & Craig Arnold

Cherry Orchard Foods