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Rubs & Seasonings

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Try our many Farm House Rubs & Seasonings.  They will soon be a hit in your home as they are in ours!  

Rubs are a great way to add flavor to meat. Rubs almost always contain salt because salt amps up flavor and helps form a crust. You can put a rub right on the bare meat, or you can help it stick by moistening the meat with some water, mustard, ketchup, or use cooking oil. We recommend cooking oil because it helps to keep the meat from sticking to your cooking surface and because most of the herbs and spices are oil soluble, not water soluble. Far more important is what is in the rub than what you choose to put under the rub.

Creole Seasoning -  Our Farm House Louisiana-style seasoning adds authentic Gulf Coast flavor to sauces, soups, stews, salads, meats, seafood, vegetables, and popcorn.

Our Farm House Cuban Seasoning combines the savory and herbal spices that are bursting with flavor, to give you the perfect Cuban seasoning mix for mojo pork, grilled vegetables and grilled chicken. All Natural and Gluten Free.

All purpose Smokehouse Maple Rub
Our New Smokey Maple Rub! All purpose Smokehouse Maple Rub is a perfect way to impart sweet and smokey maple flavor to a variety of dishes. Add depth of flavor to juicy burgers, steaks and pork chops, or use it to season poultry, shrimp and seafood.
Salt, Brown Sugar, Paprika, Garlic, Onion, Bell Peppers, Maple Flavor, Spices.

Caribbean Jerk Seasoning.  Our Farm House Jerk Seasoning adds a spicy kick to your signature dishes. Primarily used in the preparation of your grilled meats. It adds just the right amount of zesty heat to anything you grill. Gluten Free. All Natural.

Sazon Seasoning.  Our Farm House Sazon seasoning works well on any fish, meat or poultry. Add it to sauces, soups, or stews right before serving. Ideal for making Southwestern favorites like tacos, guacamole, or homemade tortilla chips. Gluten Free. All Natural.

Seafood Boil.  Authentic New Orleans Seafood Boil. This versatile seasoning offers an easy way to add delicious creole flavor to a whole host of dishes. All Natural.

Black Magic Dust.  

Discover our new Black Magic Dust! That includes Activated Charcoal Powder and Applewood Smoked Sea Salt. This is a Beef and Burger Rub. You may be surprised by the addition of the activated charcoal as it really completes that beautiful charred look and adds a smoky and earthy flavor.