Dessert Recipes



FRUIT DIP OR CRACKER / COOKIE DIP   If you are making a dip, serve with animal crackers, ginger snaps, graham cracker dipping sticks, chocolate covered graham cracker cookies or mini Vanilla Wafers. For a fruit dip, serve with apple slices, orange slices, pears, peaches, cantaloupe or grapes. Try two or three different flavors with a variety of foods to dip into the dips.

TARTS   Fill tart shells with our dessert dips and then add some of the toppings listed below. The dips also act as a great filling for cannoli or cream puffs.

BITE SIZED MINI CHEESECAKES   Another great idea for parties is Mini Cheesecakes. Buy some mini cupcake baking cups (liners) and put a full sized Vanilla Wafer in the bottom to act as a crust. Then fill the baking cups with our dip mixes topped off with one or more of the toppings listed below. Try two or more different flavors or toppings.

FULL SIZED CHEESECAKES   One of our prepared packages of dessert mix will fill a 9" graham cracker pie shell. It will be level at the top of the crust, but not mounded high. The toppings you use may add height and beauty to the cheesecake. Freeze and partially thaw before serving for best results. (See list of toppings below.) 

THICKER CHEESECAKE   For a thicker consistency cheesecake, use 16 oz. of cream cheese and no Cool Whip. You may want to add some sugar or artificial sweetener to the mix to compensate for the sugar usually provided by the Cool Whip (actually any whipped topping may be used instead of Cool Whip).   

SPREADS   Spreads are made the same as cheesecakes, above - with or without Cool Whip, depending on how thick you want the spread to be. I suggest using the Cool Whip version. If you use all cream cheese, you may want to add some sugar or artificial sweetener to the product for added sweetness.  

These spreads are fantastic on bagels, waffles, nut breads, toast, muffins, cookies, graham crackers, and pancakes. Use them between cake layers and as icing for an unbelievable Boston Cream Pie!

CHEESE BALLS    For a cheese ball, you will want to use all cream cheese (16 oz)  - no Cool Whip. You may wish to add some sugar or artificial sweetener, if you feel you need it. Keep it in the refrigerator for four hours. Roll in a TOPPING listed below, or sprinkle a topping on top of the cheese ball. Great with fruit slices, butter cookies, chocolate covered graham cracker cookies or regular graham crackers.

CREAM PIES    Use both cream cheese and whipped topping for this recipe. You may also freeze the pie and serve it semi-thawed if you like it that way. I like my cream pies mounded high. One prepared package of mix will bring a 9" graham cracker (or chocolate cookie) pie shell to the top of the crust. If you wish to have a higher mounded pie, as I do, use another half batch of mix. (You can freeze the other half.) Another option for a higher mounded pie with our Banana Cream Pie dessert mix, is to add one to one and a half bananas - sliced, and put into you finished pie filling. Fold it in gently and it adds enough extra volume to fill the pie shell with a nice high mound. With our other dessert mix flavors, you can add many of the TOPPINGS listed below to create a higher pie or just because it adds another delicious flavor to your wonderful pie.

PARFAITS  -  What a dazzling display of color and flavor you can make with parfaits using our dessert dips. Add two or more flavors of dessert dip, alternating between layers of whipped topping, fresh berries, chunks of pound cake, and whatever else your imagination dictates. Use some of the TOPPINGS listed below and you can't go wrong.

MOUSSE  -  The easiest way of all to serve our delicious dessert dips. Just mix them up with cream cheese and whipped topping and put them in serving dishes with a TOPPING listed below. Grab a spoon and get ready for the compliments.

CAKE FROSTING  -  I met a lady at a craft show that told me she uses my dessert mixes as a cake frosting. Use a little less cream cheese and a little more whipped topping to make it thinner to just the right consistency for frosting and easily spreadable. It adds a whole new dimension to your cakes. It's kind of like a Boston Cream Pie, but it's a cake. And remember, you can freeze them. What a great idea.


Shredded Coconut
Heath Bar Pieces
Reese's Pieces
 Crushed Graham Crackers
Cool Whip or other dairy topping
 Fresh Fruit
 Candy Sprinkles
 Crushed Nuts

Crushed Candy Bars
(such as Nestle's Crunch, Baby Ruth, Butterfingers, Clark Bar, etc.)
Mini Chocolate Chips
(also available in Peanut Butter, Butterscotch and White Chocolate chips) 
and much more

SERVING SUGGESTIONS    If you are making a dip, use animal crackers, graham crackers, chocolate covered graham cracker cookies or fresh fruit. There are also two other relatively new products on the market that are wonderful too.

One of the most popular ways of serving your dip is with these bite sized, graham cracker "dipping sticks". They are made just for this purpose. Your dip will taste like a cheesecake with a graham cracker crust.

Another product available are mini, bite sized Vanilla Wafers. They are about the size of a dime and are wonderful. If you are having a party, we suggest at least two batches of dip. You can try two different flavors with two different serving ideas, such as one dip with dipping sticks and one with mini Vanilla Wafers.

LIGHT OR FAT FREE WHIPPED TOPPINGS    If you are using one of our recipes that call for whipped topping (Cool Whip, etc.), be aware that "light" or fat free whipped toppings produce a much thinner product than regular toppings. It tastes fine, it just isn't as thick or stiff, and won't stand up well on your plate when it's sliced. It will be more like pudding.

If fat content is a factor, there is a way around this problem. Make it with light or fat free topping and then freeze it. (Again, this product freezes beautifully.) Let it thaw about 15 - 20 minutes or until it is easy to slice, but still partially frozen. SERVE IMMEDIATELY. This semi-frozen state allows the slices to stand up on your plate. However, don't let it thaw completely or you've defeated the whole purpose of freezing it. Regular whipped topping always works best if fat content is not a factor, but either way is delicious.