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Cherry Orchard Foods

Non-Spicy Dip Mixes

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Our savory dip mixes are split into 2 categories for your shopping experience.  

This Group is all of our Non-Spicy Dips!  30 in total so far.  We add new flavors on a consistent basis throughout the months.  So keep checking back to see what's new.  

The other group is all of our Spicy Dip Mixes.  24 in total.  For a grand total of 54 Dip Mixes.  Now keep in mind, there may be a few in the Spicy category that isn't really spicy.  Mesquite and Wasabi Ranch are two that come to mind.  Wasabi in a powder form loses its potency.  Which will leave you the Wasabi flavor without the heat.  

All our mixes are very versatile!!  Not only for dips to dip your favorite snacks and veggies. But can be used for cooking recipes, making cheeseballs or spreads, or even making Salad Dressings.  See our back labels for directions.