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Cherry Orchard Foods

Krazy Kiddo Slushies

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$9.95 USD
Finally a Slushie mix that kids and parents will both love!
Parents will love the fact that unlike our competitors, our mixes contain NO preservatives or artificial food colorings.
Kids will just love the fun flavors!

The pink color of our Slushie mixes comes from a combination of 100% pure Beet powder & 100% pure Green Tea powder. (Psst, don't tell the kids) that there are healthy stuff in the slushie, they will never know!

Beet powder & Green Tea powder add color, flavor, and both are rich in antioxidants, dietary fiber, calcium, iron, potassium, folate and maganese, along with other nutrients.

Our new Krazy Kiddo Slushie line of kids slushies are available in 8 different flavors at launch. We will be adding more flavors down the road.

Fun Fact: The artwork is original art from a local 9 year old.